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Assad is far from achieving anything resembling normality in Syria

Syrian president Bashar Al Assad is adamant on staying in power despite the country crumbling around him. AP
Syrian president Bashar Al Assad is adamant on staying in power despite the country crumbling around him. AP

I found your article, In Syria, Assad might be winning the war, but he is incapable of putting the country back together (October 6), to be alarmingly true. The crisis in Syria has been ongoing for more than six years and millions have been affected by the regime's firm determination not to negotiate a final peace settlement, despite several interventions made by the international community. As the author pointed out, Bashar Al Assad can't win in the long run. Whether he has any intention of coming forward with a compromise remains to be seen.

K Ragavan, India

Doha is in a state of political desperation

The National’s editorial, How is it helpful for Doha to cosy up to Tehran? (October 5), sums up the issue. Doha appears to be in a state of political desperation. After all, why else would it willingly collaborate with Tehran knowing the latter is intent on creating havoc in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen? The UAE and the rest of the quartet were right to realise that being patient with Doha is not in their best interests. The UAE has every right to defend itself against agents of sedition and destruction.

Given the regional situation, it is all the more confusing and bewildering that Doha seems intent on committing political suicide. What Doha is doing not only affects its citizens and the GCC, but the entire Arab world.

Moe Kasem, Dubai

Las Vegas massacre still won't prompt gun control

I refer to your article, Trump arrives to meet survivors of Las Vegas tragedy (October 5). Even after the massacre, the US congress is still unlikely to act on gun violence. In fact, in my opinion, getting any meaningful gun control in the US is as unlikely as getting Kim Jong-un to give up his nuclear weapons.

Jeremy Weeks, Abu Dhabi

Heroic landing speaks volumes for pilot training

I refer to your video, Emirates A380 makes incredible landing during high winds in Germany (October 6). Well done to the pilots on board. I can't begin to imagine how they must have felt during such a landing, and with so many passengers on board. Kudos to Emirates and the pilots, who must have undergone a wonderful training programme.

Angela Pop, Dubai

Professionalism and experience at work. Hats off to the pilots.

Abdulrahman Al Harthi, Saudi Arabia

An extraordinary crosswind landing by any standards.

Moe Adel Gaith, Abu Dhabi

Gaza's superstar Mohammed Assaf does us all proud

I refer to your article, Catching up with Palestinian superstar Mohammed Assaf ahead of his Canadian concerts (October 5). We are proud to have an artist like Mohammed Assaf who, in addition to having an extraordinary voice, possesses the virtue of humility.

Tame Assaf, Libya

Updated: October 7, 2017 05:14 PM

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