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Cats and other pets aren't just for fun, they are a responsibility

Homeless animals typically face cruelty as they roam the streets. AFP
Homeless animals typically face cruelty as they roam the streets. AFP

I found your article, A quick guide to helping street cats in the UAE (October 4), very enlightening. Please don't just feed them. Have a neuter plan in place. If you can't neuter them, it makes the problem worse, not better. They will breed further with more food resources. Never feed a stray cat colony every day. Feed every third day to support them but not create dependency. What happens if you leave or go on holiday? There are many local experts on this. Some communities already have support groups. And please, if you get a pet cat, don't dump it when you're bored or move. Kittens grown up, they aren't cute forever. They may scratch your sofa. Think about it. Save to take all your family with you when you move, including your pets. If you can't move your cat, finding a home is really tough. If you want a cat with less commitment, foster. We, as individuals and as a community, are ultimately responsible for all these stray animals.

Daniella How, Dubai

Food allergies prove perplexing to this day

Your opinion article, Why is there an increase in potentially fatal allergies? (October 8), was an interesting read. That global intolerance has drastically increased is very worrying. Parents should, indeed, monitor symptoms periodically. Schools must also keep a tab and inform parents about their children's food habits and even minor allergic reactions. The topic of allergies is a cumbersome one that continues to prove challenging even to researchers to this day.

K Ragavan, India

Locally produced carbonated water bottles quickly out of stock

I refer to your article, No tax shake up for carbonated water, UAE authorities say (October 4). Why can’t we buy local carbonated water easily? There appears to be only one, and it goes out of stock all the time. It’s the only reasonably priced one on the market.

Claire Wyness, Abu Dhabi

Whatever the issues, solar panels are better than fuel-based resources

I refer to your article, How small particles are big problems for the world's solar power pioneers (October 8). Some manufacturers use special coatings on the panels so dust does not stick, so that may help resolve the problem for more users in the future.

Ashan Khan, Dubai

Unfortunately, maintenance costs for these panels are high and they need to be replaced every 30 years.

Name withheld by request

Whatever the obstacles, this is still a better alternative to fuel and other non-renewable resources. My suggestion to want to reduce the sand particles is to make it a little higher off the ground

Biggy S Hawas, Dubai

Updated: October 9, 2017 03:19 PM

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