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You get what you pay for

Employers mustn't use previous salary when determining remuneration, argues one reader. Getty Images
Employers mustn't use previous salary when determining remuneration, argues one reader. Getty Images

I refer to your article, How to ride the salary roller coaster (October 5). Thank you for confirming that some companies do use previous salaries to determine your new salary. This is just so underhanded. If it's a different job, why should the previous job's salary be considered? How about paying what the job and person are worth, rather than seeing how much they can save?

Marion Bell, Abu Dhabi

An innovative idea that may save lives

I refer to your video, Cooling vest saves five lives during the UAE’s long, hot summer (October 6). This would also be the perfect outfit for motorcycle riders who insist on riding their bikes in the sweltering heat.

Steve O’Brien, Dubai

Can chemicals and preservatives be to blame for allergies?

In reference to your article, Frightening increase in potentially fatal allergies (October 5), such allergies may have become more prevalent because there are more artificial chemicals in foods. Parents should make a concerted effort to feed their children as many raw, natural and unprocessed foods as possible. An alternative to regular milk (for those who are allergic) is camel milk.

Asyah Elisabeth Meel, Abu Dhabi

Something needs to be done about the smokers' section

I refer to your article, Dining out antics can be hard for us to swallow (October 6). For one thing, I can't believe smoking is still allowed in some restaurants. One restaurant I recently visited was so smoky, I had to leave. There are many others in which you need to walk through the smoking section in order to get to the non-smoking area. On another occasion, we sat on the terrace of a restaurant just to avoid the smell of smoke, when lo and behold, a couple at the next table began to smoke (despite us being in the non-smoking part of the terrace). I objected to the waiter, saying this was an area designated for non-smokers, who then got uncomfortable and asked if it was OK if they do smoke. Same goes for some malls, which are non-smoking but have smoking areas inside cafes.

Chika Marie, Dubai

Rumours of new iPhone battery life are true, after all

In reference to your article, Study shows new iPhone system update can cut battery life by half (October 5), I enjoy 24 hours of battery life with my Huawei Mate 9 pro, no matter what system update takes place. It really does allow for heavy usage.

Miltiadis Nicolaos Kyvernitis, Dubai

I thought people were just imagining things, but when tried and tested, I also found this to be true.

Benoit Rochegude, Dubai

My battery life has definitely deteriorated with the recent iOS upgrade.

David Cafferty, Dubai

Updated: October 8, 2017 04:59 PM

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