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Happy to know Calvin Harris is coming to town

Calvin Harris is currently the world's top paid DJ. Rich Fury / AP
Calvin Harris is currently the world's top paid DJ. Rich Fury / AP

I refer to your article, What can we expect from Calvin Harris at his Abu Dhabi F1 show? (September 18). It is great to hear that he is coming. I have been looking forward to an occasion where we can smile, dance and be jovial.

Elizabeth Knight-Pearson, Abu Dhabi

Apps should go both ways

In reference to your article, MaidMe: the app that lets you rate your maid (September 18), in my opinion there should also be an app to rate the service buyers.

Amin Benzaza, Canada

Thank you for highlighting perils of Crohn's disease

I refer to your article, Crohn's disease patient describes her struggle and the determination to help other sufferers (September 19). Abeer, you are a courageous woman to give a voice to those suffering from Crohn's and colon problems. All the more power to you. Let's hope this sparks a fire to help others facing these diseases.

Dana Buffin, Abu Dhabi

I've learnt more from this article than from the doctors treating me. Thank you for publishing it.

Lydia Kocur-Aziz, Dubai

UAE is always one step ahead in the game

I refer to your article, Dubai Police adds electric cars to patrol airports (September 21). I'm happy to see that the UAE is once again a big step ahead of everyone else when it comes to implementing the latest solutions against global warming.

Name withheld by request

Glad to see QE2 undergoing restoration

In reference to your article, QE2 undergoes major facelift in Dubai as anticipation for her next chapter builds (September 21), I say at long last. The ship was built in my home city and many people there had wanted her back. I hope the long years of little or no maintenance haven't taken too much of a toll on her.

Michael Dowds, Dubai

In the 1980s, she was docked in Hong Kong and we were lucky enough to go on board. I even think we still have one of the menus and other bits and bobs somewhere.

Katherine Wilson, UK

The only thing ISIL is good at is religious perversion

I refer to your article, Isil has created a long lasting appeal among angry young Muslims, debate hears (September 20). We can only stop ISIL after speaking frankly about who they are. They cause destruction, suffering and religious perversion. The only thing they ever have time for, seems to be destruction. ISIL have nothing to do with Islamic principles. This means they bear zero importance in our lives as Muslim. What is important for Muslims is peace, respect, and tolerance towards other cultures and religions. The only things we should care about are God, the Quran and the House of God. We are also obliged to respect governments that carry the torch of peace.

Asyah Elisabeth Meel, Abu Dhabi

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Updated: September 23, 2017 02:55 PM

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