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I'm charged up about electric cars, shame they cost so much

One reader says he would like to buy an electric car but feels the options are too expensive.
One reader says he would like to buy an electric car but feels the options are too expensive.

There are many reasons for the German election result

With reference to your story Germany’s far right steps out of the shadows and into parliament (September 24), the Merkel government has been characterised by inflexibility, censorship and the demonisation of its critics. If the nationalist parties are on the rise, it’s because of the unhindered flow of migrants to Germany and Europe.

Davos Williams, Abu Dhabi

Insurance companies should act more responsibly

After reading UAE Helping Hands: new mum left with Dh373,000 hospital bill after baby is born 15 weeks early (September 24), my reaction was to think the insurance company should be taken to court. How on earth is giving birth prematurely a pre-existing condition? The authorities need to be notified and step in when insurance companies behave like this.

Aiysha Hurley, Abu Dhabi

It is about time that insurance companies realised their caring and vocational responsibilities.

Heidi Struiksma, Abu Dhabi

Heavier fines would ensure that we had safer roads

I appreciate the effort that is being put into reducing road accidents (Seventeen speed cameras installed along Abu Dhabi motorway, September 24). I would suggest they increase the cost of fines too, as that would act as a powerful disincentive.

Name withheld by request

Why do Apple always get the credit for innovation?

In reference to your story Road safety campaigners have heralded the arrival of a new piece of Apple software (September 24), I am not sure this is a new piece of Apple software. I think it has been around for quite a while in some shape or form. Apple has finally put it on their phones and now they are being praised for “inventing” this technology.

Mohannad Alchalabi, Dubai

I’m charged up by electric cars, shame they cost quite so much

Your story Free Salik, parking and charging among raft of incentives for Dubai motorists to go electric (September 24) caught my eye, but both the Tesla Model X and S are too expensive, even when you consider the incentives now on offer.

Rashed Al Kawari, Dubai

Respect cuts both ways in the NFL anthem dispute

In reference to your report Donald Trump antagonises fresh group of unlikely enemies – millionaire football team owners (September 25), how is this a lack of respect for the NFL? The same league that fleeces taxpayers out of billions annually for new stadiums at the expense of basic infrastructure. The same NFL that lied for decades about head trauma that led to the early death of once great warriors. The commissioner has no room whatsoever to lecture anyone about respect.

Rick Hood, Abu Dhabi

Updated: September 25, 2017 07:08 PM

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