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India is a living example of peace and harmony

Pluralism is far from dead in India, says one reader.  Farooq Khan / EPA
Pluralism is far from dead in India, says one reader. Farooq Khan / EPA

In reference to your article, 'Modi nationalism staining India', Rahul Gandhi tells US (September 25), the recent comment made by India's congress party vice president, Rahul Gandhi, in the US about peace and harmony being challenged in India was unfortunate. India has demonstrated diversity in all areas, including religion. This, in my opinion, was an unwarranted comment from a reputed party leader. India is a living example to the entire globe.

K Ragavan, India

Crocodiles are, in fact, beautiful creatures

I refer to your article, Australian police hunt killer of giant crocodile (September 22). What a sad incident. Many people may not think so, but crocodiles are such beautiful creatures.

Marija Maria, Dubai

Far right emerges when things get out of control

I refer to your article, Germany's far-right steps out of the shadows and into parliament (September 24). This is a worrying phenomenon but an inevitable result of uncontrolled immigration and mass attacks.

Robert Bradley, Abu Dhabi

We are looking forward to having Mohammed Assaf in Dubai

I was very happy to read Mohammed Assaf to hold meet and greet in Dubai (September 24). He released an amazing album. He has an amazing voice and deserves the best.

Mona Mohammed, Saudi Arabia

An embodiment of love and peace and everything nice. We are so proud of him.

Dado Assaf, Palestine

A great cultural idea emerges on Ras Al Khaimah's streets

I refer to your article, Sleepy Ras Al Khaimah street is reinvigorated with a shot of karak (September 24). I'm all for this idea as long as the cups are recycled and don't end up on the ground.

Benoit Rochegude, Dubai

Dubai’s unmanned aerial taxi is no fad for the futurists

I refer to your multimedia report, Watch: First flight of Dubai’s self-flying taxi (September 25). I hope they took into consideration door safety and air conditioning when designing it.

Benoit Rochegude, Dubai

Updated: September 26, 2017 04:29 PM

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