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Is the iPhone hype finally wearing off on the crowds?

The new Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, as well as the updated Apple Watch, went on sale on Saturday. Giuseppe Cacace / AFP
The new Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, as well as the updated Apple Watch, went on sale on Saturday. Giuseppe Cacace / AFP

I refer to your article, Apple iPhone 8 launch fails to draw usual thronging crowds at Dubai Mall (September 23). How can the company expect a high turnout when the launch began at 8 am, while Dubai Mall parking does not open until 10 am?

Graham Steel, Dubai

One reason for the low turnout, I would imagine, is that they are all waiting for the iPhone X to come out.

Hana Al-Hirsi Evans, United Kingdom

The new Samsung phones are years ahead. Some say that even the iPhone X is only equivalent to a Samsung Galaxy S6. Apple seems way behind if you ask me. I love my Samsung Note8. The man referred to in this article bought more than Dh30,000 worth of phones, which is a lot of money for gadgets which, in my opinion, aren't doing as well as the Samsung phones.

Phil Jones, Dubai

I am team Android, but there's no point saying Apple is not as good since, let's face it, it is. An iPhone 8 can process 4,000 two-minute videos in 47 seconds, while the latest Samsung S8 or Note 8 takes longer. Also, one thing we keep forgetting is that different Android devices have different features. While these features have existed way before Apple decided to implement them, they ended up introducing all these features in one phone when they did. Still, Apple is ridiculously overpriced compared with Samsung.

Abdullah Mujeeb, Pakistan

I’m an Apple user, but I agree that the cost is outrageous. Apple needs to keep up to speed with the cost of living and understand that people work hard for their money and that price does matter.

Paul Joy, Dubai

I think that Apple has finally reached its limit with its fan base. Even the iPhone 8 is too expensive and everyone knows at this point that their profit margins are in the 45-per cent range.

Victor Crainic, Dubai

Too much hype if you ask me. I am an Apple user, but agree that prices have gone too high. I would rather buy a guitar with that money. I would go back to Android should I change my phone.

Bertixce Aga, Abu Dhabi

If you're going to spend that kind of money, why not wait and get the iPhone X?

Imola Andersen, Al Ain

I think people are beginning to realise that Apple products are overpriced. There many smartphones that are ahead of their time.

Anthony Lawrence Gampon, Philippines

Cutting costs when it comes to fire safety just doesn't cut it anymore

In reference to your article, Dubai begins retrofitting skyscrapers to protect against fires (September 23), it would be good if Dubai Properties and their building managers, Taziz, could share some details of their retrofitting programme with Executive Towers tenants and landlords.

Iain Samson, Dubai

Considering that these towers are not even old, why aren't they already complying with fire safety requirements? How did they pass inspection prior to completion? The prices of apartments in these buildings are no cheaper than in other major cities around the world, yet developers seem to have cut costs when it comes to safety in order to increase their profits.

This retrofitting is just a reactive measure.

James Fildes, Dubai

The builders apparently sell all the units and hand them over to the homeowners' association. The builders say they conformed to regulations when the property was built. So who bore the brunt of all these costs?

Frank Johansen, Dubai

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Updated: September 24, 2017 12:53 PM

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